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X-Setup Pro is a very complete program that lets you configure more than 1900 non-Windows options that will give you greater system performance.

X-Setup Pro has a friendly interface that offers you the possibility to choose between two modes: the classic or the wizard. Within this second way you can choose from a wide variety of applications that will guide you through the many options that X-Setup Pro puts at your disposal (appearance, hardware, internet, applications, system, etc ...). Each of these options in turn includes many wizards that are available to users.
Trying to modify parameters of the system can be a risky undertaking. X-Setup Pro allows you to make a backup of your configuration before changing anything, so you can always undo something without major complications.

Customize the look of your computer, set the starting mechanism, remove invalid registry keys, update drivers or configure the internet access. All this and much more (up to 1900 different options) at your fingertips in a few mouse clicks.

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